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About the Sooke – Port Renfrew Region

The Sooke – Port Renfrew region is the premier year-round British Columbia outdoor destination on southern Vancouver Island BC. The Gateway to our “Wild by Nature” play-land is Sooke BC, 35 minutes west of Victoria, and extends through the community of Shirley and ends in Port Renfrew, the home for catching big halibut and big salmon.

The stresses of city life remain hidden from the regional coastal communities, steeped in history and Culture. Sooke, the eastern gateway to the Sooke to Port Renfrew region, is only 40 minutes from Victoria. Offering activities both leisurely and extreme within our unspoiled wilderness, our region boasts the mildest climate in Canada. Travel the West Coast Road (Highway 14) from Victoria west to Sooke through lush evergreen forests, rainforest, picturesque coastal scenery, rugged cliffs and sandy beaches to Port Renfrew “the Jewel of the West Coast”.

Sooke to Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island’s premier tourism region, is a land where things to see and do are as diverse as the landscape, as its people and your imagination. We offer recreational opportunities from year-round salt and freshwater fishing, cycling, scuba diving charters, hiking through old-growth forests, windsurfing, kayaking, beach-combing, whale and bird watching… the list is endless, including local arts and crafts. The creativity displayed at our community theatre, artisan studios, art galleries, festivals and tours will fill your days and nights with imaginative, cultural and entertaining diversions.

Every day of the year, Sooke – Port Renfrew welcomes you for a memorable vacation or getaway.

The tourism area takes special pride in the splendid accommodations from romantic country inns on the ocean, secluded cabins, vacation home rentals that are perfect for families, larger groups and longer stays, and delightful, quality bed & breakfasts where welcoming hosts will help you plan your day. Dining along the coast offers great variety from the freshest local seafood, international cuisine, country pubs, small cafes and of course afternoon tea.

The solitude of the quiet winter months on the coast offer relaxing stretches of peaceful beaches, untouched tide-pools and spectacular sunsets. Storm watching can capture your breath as crashing waves pound the rocky beaches and send water shooting into the sky.

On this website, you’ll find travel information regarding year-round travel, recreation, accommodations and other amenities within our coastal Region.

You may request information from the Sooke Region Travel Information Centre (and Museum) for other particular interests about the Sooke – Port Renfrew Region on Vancouver Island BC.

T’Sou-ke Nation

T'Sou-ke Nation Map

General Information

Two reserves on 67.2 hectares at the southern end of Vancouver Island.


Name derived from the Sook tribe of Straits Salishans. The derivation of “sooke” is from the native name of the Stickleback fish that inhabits the Sooke Basin. It was earlier spelled “Soke” and pronounced “soak”. Very early exposure to Europeans due to the association with the Hudson’s Bay Company. Reserves allotted by the Joint Reserve Commission in 1877.

Economic Activities

On reserve, leaders in renewable energy. Off reserve, in forest-related areas, as well as commercial fishing.

Facilities Available On Reserve

Installation of a 75 kW solar energy plant recently completed providing a good portion of the communities needs. Community hall, cultural centre, park, band office, cemetery.


Gordon Planes

“It’s good to be a part of using the gifts that the creator gave us in helping us to take care of Mother Earth. It is now appropriate that First Nations take the lead in demonstrating how to live without fossil fuels once again”

Coastal Experiences

Make sure you experience these wild coast array of things to tempt and taunt the senses.

  1. Distinctively Canadian

    Indulge your senses by viewing the most impressive Canadian Art collections, sampling uniquely local flavours, and experiencing our diverse history.

  2. Stay with us

    Whether you want to stay in a cozy bed & breakfast, cottage or inn, or upgrade to one of the many extraordinary resorts or vacation homes – we have it all. It’s easy to spend a relaxing or invigorating vacation here.

  3. Attend a Festival

    Art, music, and culture. Our region is a hot bed of activity year round. With the Tall Trees Festival, Bluegrass Festival, Sooke Fine Arts Show, our many Art festivals, Canada Day, Festival of trees and the Pacific Rim Whale Festival we celebrate our Island culture and environment.

  1. Hike the WCT

    The West Coast Trail is a world renowned backpacking trail. Open from May 1st until September 30th, this gruelling 75 km (47 mi) trek is well worth the challenge for the breathtaking examples of the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

  2. Sea To Sky Hiking

    Discover the raw beauty and uncharted nature of the CRD. From seasoned backpackers to amateur day hikers you can traverse up to the tallest peaks and back down to the rocky shores of the Juan de Fuca by hiking historical trails.

  3. Going Coastal

    Our Coast has long been inspiration to all kinds of musicians, writers and painters. It is not hard to see why – take a walk through ancient forests with gnarled trees and green canopies, explore hidden creeks and spot eagles taking flight or bears ambling through the undergrowth.